Mihaniki Constructions Inc.

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Monday, 27 May 2019

Company Overview

Established in January 2011, by a group of executive engineers that have been working in the telecom sector since 1999. Located at Kalamaria, in the town of Thessaloniki. Includes offices and a warehouse. Located at Marousi, in the town of Athens. Includes offices and a warehouse

Occupies a personnel of more than 25 highly qualified scientific and technical employees. The personnel includes Electrical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Surveying Engineers, Technicians.

For the field works, our teams consist of:
>>One engineer as a supervisor
>>Team members, specifically trained on telecom equipment through internal procedures within the company
>>A full set of instruments – laptop – software - tools – cars

In case of high peaks in daily roll-out activities, we employ additional external partners.

Specialized partners contribute to our work with specific tasks
>>Law firm at Thesaloniki.
>>Transportation companies from Athens and Thessaloniki, equipped with all the appropriate insurance papers for the transportation of telecom equipment.
>>Cranes all over Greece.

Overview – Organization Chart:


Protects the Health and Safety of employees by following all rules and regulations and using all the necessary means of protection. An on-going training and education program keeps our employees informed on the current safety information.