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Monday, 27 May 2019

Energy Systems

Energy Systems

Other services provided by Mihaniki Construction Inc. are photovoltaics, small and medium-range Autonomous, hybrid and grid photovoltaic systems for various applications in Greece in collaboration with renowned consultancy firm, specialized construction crews and installation as well as with leading foreign companies in the energy supply of the materials that make up such a facility. These companies are applying cutting edge technology in energy, fulfilling the European standards, providing a full range of products both in mounting photovoltaic cells and modules in all the accessories.

While special attention is paid by the company
Mihaniki Construction Inc. and in part on the study of a power plant to provide the best techno-economic solution to the investor taking into account geographical, soil and other parameters to accelerate construction of the project and maximize the efficiency of the installation for the benefit of the investor.

We complete tasks such as:

>>Battery Blocks
>>Air-conditioning systems
>>Autonomous Photovoltaic systems
>>Hybrid Photovoltaic systems