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Monday, 27 May 2019

Engineering Design

Site Survey - Preliminary study

>>Site Survey
>>Preliminary technical proposal
>>Preliminary drawings
>>Construction cost estimation

Service Range for Telecom Projects

>>Site Acquisition
>>Site Survey - Preliminary study
>>Engineering Design
>>Site Licensing
>>Site Construction
>>Site Maintenance
>>End-to-End Solution (Turn Key)
>>Energy systems

Engineering Design

>>Topographic Drawings
>>Architectural Design
>>Static Study
>>As-Built Folder

Site Construction – Urban Sites, Rular, Micro

>>Civil – Electrical works
>>Earth works
>>Indoor/Outdoor cabinet construction
>>Indoor/Outdoor cabinet installation
>>Tower installation
>>Polyester construction & installation
>>Telecom Installation – Commissioning – Integration
>>Site Completion – Acceptance Tests

Site Maintenance

>>Power (AC/DC)
>>Air conditions
>>Telecom equipment
>>Antenna Line
>>MW equipment

Surveying – Studies Experience

Base Station Licensing.

Base Station Preventive Maintenance.
>>As-Built Drawings.
>>Site Layout.
>>Installations Plan and View.
>>Shelter / Container Plan.
>>Road Map.

Surveying – Studies Experience

>>Licensing and Installation of Wideband Network (FORTHNET).
>>Site survey (for cabinet installation).
>>Preliminary study.
>>Folder submission to the local municipal authority.
>>Road Signs study.
>>Final Application study.

Transportation engineering.
>>Urban and rural road design.
>>Intersection design.

Surveying and Mapping services.
>>GIS and Geospatial tasks.
>>Environmental studies.
>>Geotechnical services.
>>Construction management.
>>Engineering Consulting.